2020 Studies

Terms of Reference
  1. Assess the Army’s M&S capabilities in support of strategic decision making, training, and test and evaluation (T&E).
  2. Determine Army M&S needs, where the Army’s M&S capabilities are state-of-the-art (SOTA) and where they are not, then,
  3. Develop recommendations to close any shortfalls.
Terms of Reference
  1. Assess the Army's information assurance capabilities in support of operational force decision makers, and
  2. Develop a comprehensive, science-based framework and recommendations for addressing the issues of emerging technologies that have the potential to disrupt the flow of timely, accurate information to support operational decision making.
Terms of Reference
  1. Develop and describe a view of the future tactical battlefields of 2040 looking at:
  2. Adversaries
  3. Doctrine
  4. Technologies: with in US Defense base, other government agencies, and allies
  5. Defense Economics