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The Army Science Board: Championing Innovation for 70 Years

Army Production Acquisition Division (PAD)
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The Army Science Board (ASB), organized under the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) of 1977, provides the Army with independent advice and recommendations on matters relating to the Army’s scientific, technological, manufacturing, logistics and business management functions, as well as other matters the Secretary of the Army deems important to the Department of the Army.
The ASB provides the Army with a resource of world-class scientists, engineers, technologists and operational experts as well as business, policy and managerial specialists from the private sector, academia, non-DoD government agencies and former senior military officers. Our members and consultants volunteer their expertise and time to address those critical national security challenges for which the Army's leadership seeks independent and unbiased technical advice. The ASB focuses on issues of importance to large segments of the Army, and its products are delivered in a candid and timely manner.

The Board is composed of 20 parent board members and a number of subcommittee members and consultants. Membership is carefully monitored to ensure that diverse disciplines and points of view are represented. The Secretary of the Army appoints the Chair and Vice Chair from the ASB membership. ASB membership is augmented by a small number of consultants who are appointed to provide specialized expertise for ASB studies.

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